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DVD Player Brands in India

Posted by Vivek on November 22, 2007

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Continuing our brand series where we covered televisions and mattresses before, today we touch upon DVD players.

DVD Player

Image Courtesy : msu.edu

Japanese DVD player brands








Chinese DVD player brands



Korean DVD player brands



Other DVD player brands


Indian DVD player brands





Wow, that is quite a long list isnt it? How to know which brand to choose from this? Stay tuned for our next article on features of DVD to look out for. Hopefully this would get some clarity and shortlist your choices.

We will end this article with some trivia on DVD players :

> DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc and not digital video disc as perceived!

> A single layer DVD can hold 4.7GB of data and a dual layer disc can hold twice as much.

> All commercially available DVD titles would contain only one movie to maintain picture quality.

> DVD have region coding to prevent piracy.

> DVD audio is usually encoded with multi channel support for surround sound effect.

> One of the primary feature of DVD is to have multiple audio tracks (languages) and various subtitle support.

> Additionally, some DVD have various camera angles for the same sequence.

> Blue-ray and HD-DVD are the successors for DVD technology.

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Choosing the right Mattress

Posted by Vivek on November 1, 2007

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Today’s article is on “mattresses”.


Image Courtesy : answers.com

It is said that an average humans spends close to 33 % of their lives at sleep. With other factors such as a lazy siesta , or ailment , this only goes up.

So why is choosing the right mattress so important?

– The bed is the most important piece of furniture at home where people spend the majority of their time on.

– A bed is incomplete without a mattress. So right decision has to be made if you are purchasing one.

– More investment in the mattress is a better option than on the bed itself.

Some facts about mattresses:

  • Different people have different requirements , so a single mattress cannot do justice to all customers.
  • People who have some back-problems should consult with specialist before going for a mattress.
  • Some criteria which a mattress should fulfill are cost, comfort, warranty, size.
  • A bad mattress does a lot of harm to one’s back and usually people tend to have a bad start to the day if previous night’s sleep was not adequate.

The various types of mattresses are:

> Latex

> Coir

> Spring

> Foam

There are some special types like

> Water mattress

> Air mattress

We do not know how good these are for your back.

The following are the various brands of mattresses available in the India




(This is imported mattress from USA.)





Prices in India start from 3000 odd rupees to even 15000 rupees. There is a wide variety out there, so choose wisely.

We will cover more on these lines. This is just an introduction. Keep reading and sleep well informed !

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