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MDF boards – User query

Posted by Vivek on October 22, 2007

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One of our readers had asked us the following question:

 “I have also read somewhere that MDF tends to chip off on regular use
and it is not suited for Indian usage. Can you please expand on Modular kitchen.”

MDF board

Image Courtesy : germes-online.com

We thought of expanding on what exactly is MDF.

MDF stands for “Medium-density fibreboard“.

It is an engineered wood somewhat like plywood but different in its composition. While the later is made from wood veneers (slices of wood), which are compressed together, MDF wood is formed by breaking softwood into fibers and then combining the same with resins. The end product is then formed into panels by applying heat and pressure.

Its density is higher than that of plywood.

Benefits of MDF

– Cheaper than wood types like teak

– Does not split

– Maintains consistency thanks to the artificial process of manufacturing

– More flexible due to it’s isotropic and homogeneous nature

Drawbacks of MDF

– Heavier

– Tends to absorb moisture if waterlogged ( swelling and breaking are the after-effects)

– Needs proper sealing

So, we think MDF are to be avoided if the construction is near the water sources or the cooking area. Also we suggest that you use a experienced person to construct the modular kitchen out of MDF boards.

Hope you found this little piece of information handy.

 We will cover more on  the hot topic of “Modular Kitchen” in the coming posts.

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Hob placement in kitchen – User Query – Part 2

Posted by Vivek on October 11, 2007

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We continue from our previous article posted on 5th October , Hob placement in kitchen – User Query .

Last question from that session was:

 Aavaas User

“We are planning to go for an electric chimney.  The reason why we wanted the hob in the east side is because it is easy to place a vent near the outer wall.  This apartment is under construction and i can only send the floor plan of the kitchen yet.  There is still a year for it to be completed.  But what ever changes we need, we are discussing in the initial stage.  Luckily this is a corner flat and there is lot of open space near the kitchen window.  So i don’t want to loose the window.    Even though we can close the window while cooking it would be difficult to install the chimney in the middle of the window.   It will spoil the look.  So we are working out the other options.

I have one more query.  whether to cut out the necessary size from the granite table top and install the hob or to go for our traditional type  gas stove.  In-case there is a problem in the hob later on,, we have to find a similar size or break the granite to fix another one.  All our friends use the traditional gas stove with two burners.  But we wanted a four or burner stove.  i have seen ads for some sleek one in four burner but the size is small and all the four cannot be used effectively at the same time.  ideally the size should be around 90 cm to use all the four without the vessels hitting each other.  is there any thing available in Chennai ?  “


“The option of cutting the granite and installing the hob would be very aesthetic and practical. We have noted that traditional burners kept on the counter top gather a lot of debris from cooking and also make way for pests eventually. This major problem can be eliminated if you chose to flush mount your hob on the granite counter top.

Though we do not have data to tell you if Hobs from different manufacturers would be of the same size, we would recommend you to take the risk. A hob from a reputed brand should not have any issues if you use it properly.

There are too many stores offering kitchen products. Try checking the ones mentioned by Sudarsan in his comment.

Comment can be found here

Aavaas User

” I would like to  thank the aavaas team for the quick response to my
query and also posting the article about electric chimneys. 
I have re designed my kitchen in such a way that the hob still remains
on the east side but does not get affected by the window. 

I was going through your article on Modular kitchens and read the
comment about the durability of modular kitchens.  The material used for the
cabinets and cost of its maintenance.  I came across an article about
this is in http://www.indiwo.com/india/productcomparison/kitchens-home/your-guide-to-modular-kitchens/3338/0

I have also read somewhere that MDF tends to chip off on regular use
and it is not suited for Indian usage.
Can you please expand on Modular kitchen. Though it looks sleek, how
long does it last.  Is the maintenance expensive and also the different
brands in Chennai.  This will be really helpful.”
We request our readers to share their views in the form of comments here.

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Hob placement in kitchen – User Query

Posted by Vivek on October 5, 2007

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One of our readers recently used the Contact page to ask us a question. We thought that we should put up this email exchange as a post, as it would serve to be a learning for other readers.


Image Courtesy: lifechurch.tv

We will try to answer your queries. So please have them sent across.

Note : We sought the permission of the person concerned here to write about this query and the answers.

 Aavaas User

” I am buying an apartment which is under construction.  The location of the hob is under the window.  I would like to know if it is advisable.  How to install the chimney when there is a window . will the hob function to its capacity and what other alternatives are available. “


“We would like to understand your question more accurately. What do you mean by “hob” ? “

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Click here to read the complete transcript

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Carpets & ceilings

Posted by Williams on August 29, 2007

This one has bugged me for some time and I thought it best to invite comments on it. Why do people use carpets in modern homes? Answer may be obvious to you but to me it has always been bit of a mystery. Is it just for the decorative purpose, or is there some other reason as well.

Carpets arose as an industry mostly in Asia, and Turkey in particular. Central Asia had widely diverging climates year round and perhaps even during day/night. They probably needed to cover the floor for preserving the internal temperature at desired levels. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpets seems to agree with me on this. However, this is hardly true in the modern home with the advent of central air conditioning. Besides in coastal regions of India, there is hardly a change in temperature year round. So we come back to the original question, why do we use carpets?

If the answer is just for decoration, I have another query. Why don’t we decorate our ceilings with something similar? Seems to me it is a whole area that could be used creatively. After all, it is the first sight we see in the morning. Somehow, I have never seen ceilings in any homes used creatively. Perhaps, it is because we don’t have an industry supporting that like we do for floor carpeting.

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House to Home – A few pointers

Posted by Vivek on August 21, 2007

Its been a very short journey so far. Actually we are only a few days old now. Three to be precise. Still testing the waters out there. But it is really overwhelming to already see some users visiting and commenting.

 A few words on how you can make this blog useful for yourself/your family and also thousands of other Indian home makers who are located worldwide.

  • Active Participation

We are striving hard to produce quality posts which really focus on Home and related articles. This is for a change a focussed blog with a purpose to  simply and elevate the living experience of home dwellers. We are here to address possibilities of converting all your “houses” to “homes”. Obviously we can’t do this all alone.

We need active participation from you all. Learning and implementing it is a curve and we sure need lots of dots to fill the blank spaces. Your experiences shared on this blog would be the dots which would be joined as time progresses.

  • Spread the Word

The best way to grow the community is to spread the word around. All of us have numerous acquaintances in our lives. Schoolmates, collegemates, colleagues, ex-colleagues, neighbors and so on. We would be greatful to you if you would simple recommend your friends to visit and make this more lively a place.

All you need to do is point them to this URL : https://htoh.wordpress.com/

  • Be Tech Savvy

We know that in this fast moving world, time is of essence. Only contributions and commenting actually require you to open a browser and visit the blog. If you just want to be updated with the posts and articles, why not choose delivery based systems?

We offer two types of updates to our blog. One is the RSS based feeds which is an instantaneous method to read new posts on the blog. This could be a great feature for home makers who are online reading articles online and so on. The link to the RSS feeds are found on the right navigation bar. Please try looking for RSS feed related details on sites like wikipedia for more details.

The other method is to subscribe to our emails. We have used a feedblitz service to send out emails to our subscribers when new posts are made in the blog. This is still in an experimental stage. If you subscribe and are unhappy about the service, do let us know and we would try and address your concern.

Please click on this URL to subscribe:


  • Tips on Posting

WordPress requires user to be registered to make posts here. If you would like to know the procedure and details to start blogging here, please let us know and we would be glad to assist.

  • Tips on Commenting

When you comment for the first time, the blog requires you to enter your name and email address. This is like a verification mechanism. Once your first comment is successful, all future posts are accepted without this constraint.

Please choose careful language on comments. Do not spam, abuse or humiliate any person on the blog. Complaints against such comments would lead to deletion of comments.

Also, do not give sensitive information out on comments. If you need to publish your email address, do not give your email address “as-is”.

E.g. if your email address is be published in a comment (say for contacting the authors), please do not say – ” billgates@microsoft.com“.

There are so many web crawling softwares which can steal mail ids from blogs and you tend to receive a lot of spam.

We suggest you break up your email as follows : “billgates at microsoft dot com

We will try and update this section as frequently as possible to make blogging at our site a comfortable experience.

Hope you find the articles and comments upto high quality standards.



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