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Videocon to acquire Onida – Rumor

Posted by Vivek on November 5, 2007

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An interesting news has reached our ears from the industry circles. As part of the rationalisation going on in the Home appliances segment, Videocon may be about to acquire Onida. This is an unconfirmed news and we want to analyze for a moment why there could be a possibility.

Ever since the market opened up to foreign players, Indian companies had found the going increasingly tough. They were not able to compete with the costs and offerings from multinational giants like Philips, Samsung, LG etc.

In the mid 80’s there were quite a few TV manufacturer in India. ECL, Dyanora, Solidaire, Weston, Crown and Optonica were some of the familiar brands which shut their operations in mid 90’s, because they were no longer competitive nor had the marketing edge to sell their products in the Indian market.

In this situation, some of the players made a bold move to have technological tie ups with foreign companies. Some of the prominent partnerships established were:

  • BPL – Sanyo ( in our earlier article [see below] we mentioned that this is now more than just a technological tie-up. Sanyo and BPL are now equal equity partners in the JV)
  • Onida – JVC
  • Videocon – National Panasonic

These three companies were pretty dominant in Indian market for quite some time. Philips was a late entrant in this scene and managed to capture a significant portion of the market.

But what really changed the situation was the entry of Samsung and LG. These Korean companies were very aggressive with their marketing. Their local presence and strong brand appeal were able to attract a lot of customers and we believe LG is now the leader in the Indian Television market.

Videocon is now focused on communicating their “Indian Multinational” image with recent acquisitions like Thomson, Kenstar, Kanchan foods etc. They are not only manufacturing and selling televisions under their own brand name, but are also acting as Equipment Manufacturers for companies like Sansui and Toshiba.

Onida with their memorable ad campaigns were a force to reckon in the past. Now those golden days are long gone, when consumers used to associate with their “different” ad campaigns.

We of course are not in a position to confirm anything on this matter, but the decision could be welcome to both groups in order to pool their strengths so that they can take on the competition from Korean Giants – Samsung and LG.

Pretty much the same thing had happened in the mobile phones sector were late entrants like Nokia created a huge market share for themselves and left no choice for the other players but to re-strategize their game.

In the mobile space, Sony tied up with Ericsson, Benq tied up with Siemens and the former is now a formidable competition for Nokia along with the revamped Motorola.

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We welcome your comments and views on this topic.

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Television Brands in India – Part 2

Posted by Vivek on October 20, 2007

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In the last post we briefly touched upon the various brands that are available in Indian television market. Most names like Onida, Videocon, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Philips are probably the most famous ones in India. The other brands mentioned like BPL Sanyo, Haier, TCL, Hyundai, Akai, Hitachi, Sansui, Sharp, Toshiba, Benq and Viewsonic are perhaps not as popular because either they offer premium solutions which are not meant for masses or they are a recent entrant into the market.

We are not here to make a judgement (yet) on which is the best TV out there. As we mentioned in our last  post , it depends on a whole lot of factors. This post aims to give you some insight on the various things you need to check before purchasing a television for your home.


Image Courtesy : jupiterimages.com

So here goes:

  • Operating Voltage – If you are importing a TV , it could be operating at 110V. Please check this.
  • Screen Size – Make sure you select an optimum screen size based on the space of the room. It makes no sense to have too small or too large a screen.
  • Inputs – Today most Indians need (still) a coaxial input for their cable broadcast. And most TV also have the composite input (yellow in color) to receive content either from a set top box or a DVD player. But if you are investing in a LCD or Plasma screen, your TV would have additional component input, PC (VGA) input and perhaps more. You may want to have a HDMI input to support a Blueray or HD DVD player down the line.
  • Audio Output – Check the output levels and make sure the volume levels satisfy you. Try and get a demo to see if the speakers blare at high volumes.
  • Futuristic options – Some TV today come with USB slot or even memory card readers. These enable you to watch your photos, videos from the drive or memory card on your TV. Some televisions even play audio from the removable drives.
  • Type of TV – We need not cover this again. You can choose from a traditional CRT TV which offers excellent value for money. In CRT you have the option of a curved (regular) screen or a full flat screen. There are also slim CRT TV which occupy less space. Then there is the LCD and Plasma TV which are inches wide. These can be wall mounted. There is also another category called “Rear Projection TV“.
  • Remote Control Unit – Make sure the remote feels good in your hand and is not built in such a way that it would shatter into pieces if dropped. Too small remotes or too large ones are a pain to operate.
  • COST– Last but not the least, make sure it fits your budget. We can see many schemes which offer attractive EMI and what not. But do not indulge in a model if you really do not need it. Do your research and be prepared while listening to the sales pitch in the showroom.

In the coming days, we would cover details of each brand mentioned on Aavaas. This way, our site would be a one stop information portal for your television needs.

Have fun!

PS : Make sure that your room light is well organized to prevent unwanted glare and discomfort. Selecting a suitable spot for your TV is as critical as buying the right one.

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Television Brands in India – Part 1

Posted by Vivek on October 19, 2007

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We first covered televisions on 19 August ’07. That was more of a curtain raiser. A few days ago we discussed our ambition to cover brand specific information. In today’s post we are just going to see the tip of the iceberg – brand names of television sets sold in India.


Image Courtesy : http://www.createyourhometheater.com

The market is overflowing with TV sets. There are all sorts of manufacturers out there. Let us classify them based on their country of origin.

Indian Television Brands

Sanyo BPL




Chinese Television Brands




Korean Television Brands





Japanese Television Brands









Other Country brands

benq  – Taiwan

philips – Holland

viewsonic – USA

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Television – A preview on offerings

Posted by Vivek on August 19, 2007

To many Television (referred as tv henceforth) is just a way of life. From watching mega serials to prime-time programmes, the tv has become quintessential for our lives. It has also become the “first-to-buy” in the list of appliances for our modern homes. So what better way to start the blog? Hence we are featuring some basics of tv in this artile.

The conventional tv is CRT (cathode ray tube). Over the last few years there has been a steady fall in prices of higher screen size televisions because their market demand is less. Anyway, the CRT tv is still masses choice. There are two offerings as far as the screen is considered. the rounded screen and the flat screen. The later offers distortion free viewing from all angles.

Recently some manufacturers claim to have reduced the size of the CRT tv by around 40% because of advancements made in the field of CRT itself. The offer higher appeal value.

The next contendor for tv space is the LCD tv (Liquid crystal display). We are not elaborating on the technology of the tv here, but the are really slim and usually are wall mounted offering more real estate space in one’s living room. Prices are falling steadily, so if you can squeeze on into your budget, look no further.

 LCD tv has a competition from Plasma tv which is similar in shape although plasma tv starts at around 40″ and above. These are comparitively cheaper given the same screen size. They offer good color clarity especially tones of black. They are slightly bulkier though.

this rounds up this article on the types of TV out there in the market. Hope you found it useful.

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