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MDF boards – User query

Posted by Vivek on October 22, 2007

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One of our readers had asked us the following question:

 “I have also read somewhere that MDF tends to chip off on regular use
and it is not suited for Indian usage. Can you please expand on Modular kitchen.”

MDF board

Image Courtesy : germes-online.com

We thought of expanding on what exactly is MDF.

MDF stands for “Medium-density fibreboard“.

It is an engineered wood somewhat like plywood but different in its composition. While the later is made from wood veneers (slices of wood), which are compressed together, MDF wood is formed by breaking softwood into fibers and then combining the same with resins. The end product is then formed into panels by applying heat and pressure.

Its density is higher than that of plywood.

Benefits of MDF

– Cheaper than wood types like teak

– Does not split

– Maintains consistency thanks to the artificial process of manufacturing

– More flexible due to it’s isotropic and homogeneous nature

Drawbacks of MDF

– Heavier

– Tends to absorb moisture if waterlogged ( swelling and breaking are the after-effects)

– Needs proper sealing

So, we think MDF are to be avoided if the construction is near the water sources or the cooking area. Also we suggest that you use a experienced person to construct the modular kitchen out of MDF boards.

Hope you found this little piece of information handy.

 We will cover more on  the hot topic of “Modular Kitchen” in the coming posts.

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Hob placement in kitchen – User Query – Part 2

Posted by Vivek on October 11, 2007

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We continue from our previous article posted on 5th October , Hob placement in kitchen – User Query .

Last question from that session was:

 Aavaas User

“We are planning to go for an electric chimney.  The reason why we wanted the hob in the east side is because it is easy to place a vent near the outer wall.  This apartment is under construction and i can only send the floor plan of the kitchen yet.  There is still a year for it to be completed.  But what ever changes we need, we are discussing in the initial stage.  Luckily this is a corner flat and there is lot of open space near the kitchen window.  So i don’t want to loose the window.    Even though we can close the window while cooking it would be difficult to install the chimney in the middle of the window.   It will spoil the look.  So we are working out the other options.

I have one more query.  whether to cut out the necessary size from the granite table top and install the hob or to go for our traditional type  gas stove.  In-case there is a problem in the hob later on,, we have to find a similar size or break the granite to fix another one.  All our friends use the traditional gas stove with two burners.  But we wanted a four or burner stove.  i have seen ads for some sleek one in four burner but the size is small and all the four cannot be used effectively at the same time.  ideally the size should be around 90 cm to use all the four without the vessels hitting each other.  is there any thing available in Chennai ?  “


“The option of cutting the granite and installing the hob would be very aesthetic and practical. We have noted that traditional burners kept on the counter top gather a lot of debris from cooking and also make way for pests eventually. This major problem can be eliminated if you chose to flush mount your hob on the granite counter top.

Though we do not have data to tell you if Hobs from different manufacturers would be of the same size, we would recommend you to take the risk. A hob from a reputed brand should not have any issues if you use it properly.

There are too many stores offering kitchen products. Try checking the ones mentioned by Sudarsan in his comment.

Comment can be found here

Aavaas User

” I would like to  thank the aavaas team for the quick response to my
query and also posting the article about electric chimneys. 
I have re designed my kitchen in such a way that the hob still remains
on the east side but does not get affected by the window. 

I was going through your article on Modular kitchens and read the
comment about the durability of modular kitchens.  The material used for the
cabinets and cost of its maintenance.  I came across an article about
this is in http://www.indiwo.com/india/productcomparison/kitchens-home/your-guide-to-modular-kitchens/3338/0

I have also read somewhere that MDF tends to chip off on regular use
and it is not suited for Indian usage.
Can you please expand on Modular kitchen. Though it looks sleek, how
long does it last.  Is the maintenance expensive and also the different
brands in Chennai.  This will be really helpful.”
We request our readers to share their views in the form of comments here.

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Hob placement in kitchen – User Query

Posted by Vivek on October 5, 2007

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One of our readers recently used the Contact page to ask us a question. We thought that we should put up this email exchange as a post, as it would serve to be a learning for other readers.


Image Courtesy: lifechurch.tv

We will try to answer your queries. So please have them sent across.

Note : We sought the permission of the person concerned here to write about this query and the answers.

 Aavaas User

” I am buying an apartment which is under construction.  The location of the hob is under the window.  I would like to know if it is advisable.  How to install the chimney when there is a window . will the hob function to its capacity and what other alternatives are available. “


“We would like to understand your question more accurately. What do you mean by “hob” ? “

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Click here to read the complete transcript

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Modular Kitchen – Styles

Posted by Vivek on September 17, 2007

You would have read our introduction to modular kitchen. Probably you also saw the article which covers the various zones involved in today’s modular kitchens.

In this article we hope to convey one important aspect of modular kitchens. How does one fit this into his/her home?

Lets be practical here. Most of our kitchens are unique in terms of space , design and plan. Therefore it is simply impossible to have the same modular kitchen design which you saw in your friends place to fit into your kitchen.

Modular Kitchen layouts

Image Courtesy: dynamicspace.com

The first on top left is called the “L” shaped kitchen.

The second on top right is called the “U” shaped kitchen.

The third on middle left is called “Island” kitchen.

The fourth on middle right is called the “G” shaped kitchen.

The fifth on bottom left is called “Gallery” kitchen.

The last on bottom right is called “Line” kitchen.

 So, as you see, there are a variety of options available to suit your kitchen’s geometry. It would be wise to choose the most appropriate one so that essential spaces are not reduced resulting in a cramped working environment.

Also, plan the placement of articles in your modular kitchen in a proper manner.


Image Courtesy: dynamicspace.com

This kind of planning would be highly beneficial in preventing back aches for people working in the kitchen.

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Modular Kitchen – Zones

Posted by Vivek on September 16, 2007

In the last article we introduced the modular kitchen concept. Today we talk about the various zones involved in the modular kitchen.


Image Courtesy : dynamicspaces.com

A well planned modular kitchen would involve/cover all essential zones:

  • Zone for consumables
  • Zone for non-consumables
  • Zone for cleaning
  • Zone for preparation
  • Zone for cooking

Depending on the space available, you could add/remove the least essential zone in accordance with our Indian styles. For example, a dish washing machine is something which we may not be comfortable with. So we could eliminate that aspect from the “cleaning zone”.

The main advantage of having zones in your kitchen is that it improves the process flow of cooking and makes it more enjoyable.

If every step is planned properly and executed, a modular kitchen can give you the following advantages:

  • Good aesthetic looks
  • Less smoky and oily kitchen
  • Preserved walls and appliances, increasing their lifespan
  • Optimized space
  • Good storage space for cooking ingridients as well as utensils
  • Ease of repairing/replacement
  • Motivation to cook

 Some low points of a modular kitchen are:

  • Expensive to begin with
  • Need to plan for materials to suit water hardness/salinity
  • Not yet widely used in India
  • Scope for changes later on are limited
  • May create a need to change one’s lifestyle (cooking habits)

Almost all over the world, in most homes, both husband and wife work and so the time spent in the kitchen needs to be minimal. This gives rise to the demand for a well designed and convenient kitchens. Modular kitchens fulfill this demand.

With modular kitchens gaining popularity more manufacturers are jumping into the field and the increased competition should result in prices becoming far more affordable to us.

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