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Posted by Williams on October 23, 2007

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Thought it’ll help us a bit if we were to list down the categories of household appliances that we know of. This will allow you to check whether you have these items with you and whether you need more information on any one in particular.

Am leaving out the personal hygiene/grooming items and furnishing related categories as those deserve to be treated separately. Am also not mentioning the gardening & automobile related items; again, a separate category. Not to forget the electronic items like laptops & cameras, definitely a separate class.

Kitchen items

  1. Cooking ranges
  2. Cooking oils
  3. Cutlery
  4. Hobs
  5. Gas fitting
  6. Electric chimneys
  7. Blenders
  8. Dishwashers
  9. Electric kettles
  10. Coffee makers
  11. Ovens/Toasters
  12. Juicer / Mixer / Grinder
  13. Microwave ovens
  14. Pressure cookers
  15. Grill sandwichers
  16. Water purifiers
  17. Refrigerators
  18. Food processors

Other Items

  1. Irons/kit for ironing
  2. Medicine chest/First Aid Kit
  3. Inverters
  4. Emergency lights/ Torch / Candles
  5. Televisions / Audio systems
  6. Air conditioners
  7. Mini bars
  8. Water dispensers / Bubbletops
  9. Water Heaters/Geysers
  10. Vacuum cleaners /Broom / Mop
  11. Insect repellants
  12. Sewing machines
  13. Washing machines
  14. Washing items – soaps, detergents etc.

Feel free to suggest more items to this list. We would like to have an as comprehensive as possible listing with us.

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Managing footwear – A Perennial problem

Posted by Vivek on October 12, 2007

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I am quite sure that most of you face this problem at home. How to effectively manage footwear at home?

Lets do a quick math here. Assume that a home has 4 occupants, Dad, Mom , Daughter and a Son.

Dad needs – 1 formal pair of shoes, 1 Semi casual pair of shoes, 1 set of sport shoes , 1 Formal pair of slippers /Sandals and 1 all purpose slipper for regular indoor/outdoor use.

5 pairs for dad.

Mom needs (lets say) – 3 pairs of slippers , 1 set of sneakers for walking and 1 all purpose slipper for regular indoor/outdoor use.

5 pairs for mom.

Daughter needs – 1 sports shoe for school , 1 regular shoe for school , 1 pair of slippers + 1 all purpose slipper for regular indoor/outdoor use.

4 pairs for daughter.

Son needs the same as the daughter.

4 pairs for son.

 We are talking roughly 18 pair of shoes for the given family. And what do we do to store these footwear?

Shoe Rack

Image Courtesy : addalock.com

We use stands like the one shown above. This really not a good solution. It gathers dust. Your footwear can be stolen or misplaced. Leather goods can absorb moisture from the air in humid conditions and deteriorate over a period of time.

So have you managed your footwear in a different manner than described above? If so, please share it with us.

In apartments especially managing footwear can be tough as one has to consider keeping them right outside their homes which can remove the aesthetic appeal. Or they have to resort to storing the shoe rack in the balcony or some other vacant place.

Do share your opinions.

have a nice weekend.

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Furniture Fair – ’07 Chennai ( Pictures and Notes )

Posted by Vivek on October 4, 2007

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In my first post on 30th September titles Furniture Fair – ‘07 Chennai , I just mentioned that I would be covering this fair in detail. Not until today I could get time to do so. Posting images takes a bit more time 🙂

 A few points before I go into the post.

  • Surprisingly, in a span of less than 2 months, Chennai had another fair related to Home improvement – Furniture fair. The title was only applicable to say 40% of the stalls. All the remaining were other house oriented articles which will be see in the pictures.
  • The entry to the fair was alright and the car park was certainly better organized than the last fair – Inside Outside – Chennai Trade show coverage (final part)
  • The entry ticket was a steep 50 rupees which in my opinion was really too much for the amount of stalls inside. Inside Outside charged us only 20 rupees.
  • The number of stalls were also less compared to Inside Outside. Many of them were still being set up as we went on day 1 – afternoon. Nevertheless, the stalls were all mediocre and some of the exhibitors seemed to have moved their entire showroom to the exhibition grounds 🙂 We could see some people struggling to move and organize the pieces of furniture. Not a good impression at all.
  • We saw some really interesting interior decorating stalls. We were not able to take pictures as we obliged with the stall owner’s request. However, he has promised us exclusive photos for Aavaas. We should have an article on him shortly.
  • Kitchen products and modular kitchen based stalls were all over the place.
  • We also saw some good carpets, innovative garden chairs and Onyx based sculptures.

Picture 1

Furniture Fair - 1

Some of the many furniture in display.

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Remaining Pictures after this link. Please click to proceed.

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Furniture Fair – ’07 Chennai

Posted by Vivek on September 30, 2007

Furniture Fair

We saw an ad on  “Hindu” yesterday and decided to pay this exhibition a visit.

We will cover the major findings and other updates on Aavaas over the next few days. Of-course the posts would be coupled with some pictures.

Sit back and enjoy your Sunday morning..


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Periodic Maintenance of homes

Posted by Vivek on September 25, 2007

Lets understand one thing here. Just like cars, mobile phones, and humans, homes also are in need of periodic maintenance. You have to admit, today homes don’t come cheap these days. And the age of saying “stitch in time, saves nine” still holds good. 

In this article we want to touch upon certain aspects of maintenance.


Image Courtesy: istockphotos.com

We can classify the maintenance into two categories

– Fix the issue

– Replace problematic parts

First, being the home owner, you need to agree upon a frequency of check and execute this to perfection. It is just like having 2 to 3 services a year for your car.

The frequency can be less initially , say 2 times a year.

This has to/will increase for older homes. We think of 4 to 6 times a year.

But there is no formula as such. You are the best judge here.

Common areas which needs to be checked and maintained are:

  • Bathroom fittings

These include but are not limited to faucets, flush mechanism, taps, WC, shower, drainage.  Regular issues which tend to occur are leakage, breaking, clogging, corrosion and more.

If one of the above issues is seen, it is best to change the device to avoid the problem getting more serious later on.

These include but are not limited to electrical bulbs, tube-lights, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators etc.

Longevity related issues, sudden stop in functionality, clogs/leaks and all can be observed in the electrical appliances. These are not to taken lightly as serious electrical shock hazards have resulted in cases due to negligence of faulty appliances. Not to mention tons of clothes to be washed or a summer day without your air-conditioner working 😉

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click here to read more

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