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Interior and Exterior Expo – Photos

Posted by Vivek on October 7, 2007

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Here are some photos from the expo


We were greeted by giant sofas at the entrance. 

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All the pictures after you click on this link

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Interior and Exterior Expo – Coverage

Posted by Vivek on October 7, 2007

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We decided to cover the expo on a Saturday evening. This way we could beat the Sunday crowd and also have the day for ourselves. The exhibition or expo was held at Rani Meyyammai Hall, Chennai. Getting there was not an issue and there was plenty of car park available as well.

The best part to start the show was that the entry was free! This was the third show in less than 2 months at Chennai , but the first one where the entrance was free. We were glad that people were not asked to pay to attend a show which is full of advertisements, brochures and flyers. Somehow I relate this to Indians (some) using a set top box or a DTH service, paying for it and ending up watching ads!

 Moving on, the entrance was a breeze and the quality of stalls located near the entrance was pretty good. We just walked through trying to see if some stall is different from the ones which we saw in the previous two shows. Unfortunately this was not the case. Most of the categories were repeated from the previous shows.

As we walked by, we noticed that the quality of stalls were just coming down. Perhaps this was an indicator of the reason so as to why there was no entrance fee in the first place.

We ran into some Non profit organizations like Green Peace and Cancer Institute. These were a nice thing to note and see (although not relevant to the show).

The last leg of the show was completely irrelevant. There were stalls showing all kinds of stuff like clothes, wrist watches , Corporate club memberships and what not.

This last journey really hastened our exit from the show. We also had to walk through a myriad of maze, going up and down. Perhaps in this aspect, Chennai trade centre is very well organized.

We will post some pictures from this show in the next post.

have a great Sunday!

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Furniture Fair – ’07 Chennai ( Pictures and Notes )

Posted by Vivek on October 4, 2007

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In my first post on 30th September titles Furniture Fair – ‘07 Chennai , I just mentioned that I would be covering this fair in detail. Not until today I could get time to do so. Posting images takes a bit more time 🙂

 A few points before I go into the post.

  • Surprisingly, in a span of less than 2 months, Chennai had another fair related to Home improvement – Furniture fair. The title was only applicable to say 40% of the stalls. All the remaining were other house oriented articles which will be see in the pictures.
  • The entry to the fair was alright and the car park was certainly better organized than the last fair – Inside Outside – Chennai Trade show coverage (final part)
  • The entry ticket was a steep 50 rupees which in my opinion was really too much for the amount of stalls inside. Inside Outside charged us only 20 rupees.
  • The number of stalls were also less compared to Inside Outside. Many of them were still being set up as we went on day 1 – afternoon. Nevertheless, the stalls were all mediocre and some of the exhibitors seemed to have moved their entire showroom to the exhibition grounds 🙂 We could see some people struggling to move and organize the pieces of furniture. Not a good impression at all.
  • We saw some really interesting interior decorating stalls. We were not able to take pictures as we obliged with the stall owner’s request. However, he has promised us exclusive photos for Aavaas. We should have an article on him shortly.
  • Kitchen products and modular kitchen based stalls were all over the place.
  • We also saw some good carpets, innovative garden chairs and Onyx based sculptures.

Picture 1

Furniture Fair - 1

Some of the many furniture in display.

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Remaining Pictures after this link. Please click to proceed.

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Furniture Fair – ’07 Chennai

Posted by Vivek on September 30, 2007

Furniture Fair

We saw an ad on  “Hindu” yesterday and decided to pay this exhibition a visit.

We will cover the major findings and other updates on Aavaas over the next few days. Of-course the posts would be coupled with some pictures.

Sit back and enjoy your Sunday morning..


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Upcoming Expo in Chennai – Mark your calendar

Posted by Vivek on September 11, 2007

Chennai Show

Event Profile

Interior & Exterior Expo-Chennai is the opportunity to showcase latest collections, to engage into business with potential distributors and agents, and to find business partners.

Visitor’s Profile

Architects, Interior Designers / Decorators, Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturer, Importers / Exporters Consumers are the target visitors.

Exhibitor’s Profile

Profile for exhibit include artifacts, aluminium products, bathroom fittings & accessories, ceramic tiles, carpets, decorative lighting & chandeliers, designer lamps & fans, doors & frames, electronic products, false ceiling, fencing, floor coverings, flooring tiles, fountains, furnishings, modular kitchens, paints & raisins, landscaping & gardening, pottery & vases, sanitary wares, shower curtains, wall hangings, water treatment systems, windows & frames.


Rani Meyyammai Hall, Chennai.


Oct 5-7, 2007 

We hope to cover it, just as we covered Inside Outside from Chennai on 25 August ’07.

Maybe we see you there !

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