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Choosing the right Mattress

Posted by Vivek on November 1, 2007

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Today’s article is on “mattresses”.


Image Courtesy : answers.com

It is said that an average humans spends close to 33 % of their lives at sleep. With other factors such as a lazy siesta , or ailment , this only goes up.

So why is choosing the right mattress so important?

– The bed is the most important piece of furniture at home where people spend the majority of their time on.

– A bed is incomplete without a mattress. So right decision has to be made if you are purchasing one.

– More investment in the mattress is a better option than on the bed itself.

Some facts about mattresses:

  • Different people have different requirements , so a single mattress cannot do justice to all customers.
  • People who have some back-problems should consult with specialist before going for a mattress.
  • Some criteria which a mattress should fulfill are cost, comfort, warranty, size.
  • A bad mattress does a lot of harm to one’s back and usually people tend to have a bad start to the day if previous night’s sleep was not adequate.

The various types of mattresses are:

> Latex

> Coir

> Spring

> Foam

There are some special types like

> Water mattress

> Air mattress

We do not know how good these are for your back.

The following are the various brands of mattresses available in the India




(This is imported mattress from USA.)





Prices in India start from 3000 odd rupees to even 15000 rupees. There is a wide variety out there, so choose wisely.

We will cover more on these lines. This is just an introduction. Keep reading and sleep well informed !

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Air Conditioner Installation – Comment to Post

Posted by Vivek on October 10, 2007

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Hi Everyone. Sudarsan posted a nice comment on how installation of air conditioners. This post is just a recap of the same.

Installing AC

Window AC– Need to have a cut-out for the AC to be installed. Usually Flat builders provide a rectangular opening beneath a window to facilitate this. My advice is to plan on an opening as suggested by the Aircon manufacturer (AC away from the floor would not suck-in the dust near the floor, and more importantly cold air moves towards the floor, while hot air rises up, so having AC above the ground gives better cooling efficiency). Coming back to installation, the space around the AC at the opening, is closed with a plywood frame or alternate materials. Window AC’s need stabilizers depending on the tonnage. Installation expenses would be about Rs.300, plus carpentry/masonry related expenses towards the AC opening.

Split AC – While Split AC gives the flexibility to install at a convenient position in the room, Split AC sales comes with 5m Copper tube only, for additional ducting you would have to pay Rs.400-500/m of copper tube. Indoor units are wall mounted and at about 5-6 feet from the floor. The outdoor unit can be floor or wall mounted and the key efforts in the installation is to have good insulation for the copper piping between the Outdoor and Indoor units. Installation for each split unit ranges from Rs.1000 to Rs.1300.

Nowadays the Voltage stabilizers come as a part of the Split AC package itself, even otherwise stabilizers upto 5 KVA should cost in the range of Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 only.

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Air Conditioning

Posted by sudarsan on October 3, 2007

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I made this write-up over this long weekend….it should be useful if you are planning on air-conditioning your home.

Air Conditioners (ACs) are available in two form-factors,

a. Room AC – This is the traditional AC, where the cost ranges from Rs.8,000 to Rs.35,000 depending on the brand, features and tonnage.    

Window AC

Image Courtesy : alibaba.com

b. Split AC – Here the Cooling unit (condenser, coil+fan apparatus) are separated from the Room-unit (Blower & Exhaust), thus eliminating noise from the Cooling unit.  More importantly Split AC, allows you to install the AC at the place you require.  Also recent models have a good spacing between exhaust and blower allowing better cooling efficiency on the room.

 Split AC

Image Courtesy : germes-online.com

Having made up my mind on Split AC, I looked into Cooling capacity (measured in BTUs, or in simple language Tonnes), EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), Fan speed, Filter mechanisms and Noise level. 

For an average Indian bedroom 0.75 Tonne to 1 Tonne should do, and for a hall 1.5 Tonne to 2 Tonnes are required.  For now we wanted to AC only 2 adjacent bedrooms and I was contemplating between,

a. Buying 2 Single-split systems of 1.5 Tonne each – Onida (Rs.24K, for Deco Flat model) & Samsung (Rs.24.5K for Turbo Compact model) which includes everything other than mounting brackets and installation.

b. Buying 1 Multi-split from Hitachi of 2.0 Tonne capacity (Atom2 at Rs.52,000)

 Though popular sales talk is to go for two 1.5 tonnes as it costs lesser than the 2 Tonne Multi-split and gives you the option of 1 unit working in case of machine failure, I opted for the Hitachi Multisplit for two reasons,

a. This system has a single compressor that can supply 2 Tonnes to one bedroom if the other bedroom is not used, this flexibility comes in very handy in Summer.  Also if you have a combo of a hall and a bedroom, its better to go for this system than having two 1.5T single splits.

b. Hitachi’s system comes with proven durability (5 years warranty and I somehow trust compressors Made in Japan than elsewhere) and has the best EER and lowest noise levels.

Anyway I would have considered inverter type air-conditioners (30-40% power savings) and a 5 split AC, as abroad.  But  since these systems are neither popular nor cost effective in India, had gone for Hitachi Atom2 for my bedrooms.

I have personally used so far – Carrier (5 split), General & Hitachi (room AC) and the experience has been very good so far, and hoping the same out of this Hitachi (2 split).

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