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How to use the site?

We thought it would be good to have a separate section for this category –

“How to use the site?”

If you are new to blogs, there is no need to panic. It is a simple and inexpensive medium for information interchange. We will give you some basic pointers and you should be ready to use the blog instantly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Blog?

  • It is a web journal for individuals or group of people to discuss topics and evolve.

2. Who can post on aavaas blogs?

  • Only registered users can post on the blog. This is a limitation of wordpress and not a setting imposed by the creators. If you would like to post here regularly, please contact us.

3. What are comments?

  • Every post has some view and opinions from the readers. These can be expressed in the form of comments. Comments can be published by non-registered users as well. So if you have any thoughts to pen, please use the comment feature.

4. What are categories?

  • For every post that is made, we categorize it with a keyword. These keywords appear on the right left panel. So if you looking for information pertaining to televisions, select the category “TV” and the blog would present all posts which are listed under the category “TV”.

5. Can I see old posts which no longer appear in the front page?

  • Yes, all our posts are archived on a regular basis. You can view them by clicking the monthly links which appear on the right left panel.

6. Can I receive regular updates of the blog postings without visiting the site?

  • Yes, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds for both posts and comments. You need a RSS reader on your desktop or a web based RSS reader for the same. We are also working on email updates and the details for that would be posted here shortly.


We are trying to add a subscription page for users to receive emails as and when the site is updated with new articles. To subscribe to the service please visit:


One Response to “How to use the site?”

  1. Anu said

    Nice section. Informative

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