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Why “Aavaas”?


Decided to put a separate page to demystify “aavaas”.

“Aavaas” is a Sanskrit word which denotes “home”. 


Many reasons prompted us to choose this name. We wanted to have a simple yet effective name to convey the central theme of this site – “home”.

We are sure most of us know how difficult it is to get domain name these days. So one full week of searching, we stumbled upon this name.

It sounded a bit odd initially, and we got calls from many people that they are not able to connect it with anything at all. We had to tell them the root of the word “aavaasa” which meant home in Sanskrit.

However, what we are not sure of is how many Indian languages have this word (or a mild derivation) in their vocabulary. Would love to hear some thoughts on this from our readers.

2 Responses to “Why “Aavaas”?”

  1. deeptrance said

    This is the first time I am hearing this word. Good choice in the context of things discussed.
    I have to admit that I initially took it for the Hindi word for ‘voice’ – Aawaaz.
    So this blog is something like Aaavaas ki Aawaaz. 🙂

  2. Vivek said

    I remember when I was in north India, there was a colony by the name “Aavaas-Vikaas”.

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