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MDF boards – User query

Posted by Vivek on October 22, 2007

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One of our readers had asked us the following question:

 “I have also read somewhere that MDF tends to chip off on regular use
and it is not suited for Indian usage. Can you please expand on Modular kitchen.”

MDF board

Image Courtesy : germes-online.com

We thought of expanding on what exactly is MDF.

MDF stands for “Medium-density fibreboard“.

It is an engineered wood somewhat like plywood but different in its composition. While the later is made from wood veneers (slices of wood), which are compressed together, MDF wood is formed by breaking softwood into fibers and then combining the same with resins. The end product is then formed into panels by applying heat and pressure.

Its density is higher than that of plywood.

Benefits of MDF

– Cheaper than wood types like teak

– Does not split

– Maintains consistency thanks to the artificial process of manufacturing

– More flexible due to it’s isotropic and homogeneous nature

Drawbacks of MDF

– Heavier

– Tends to absorb moisture if waterlogged ( swelling and breaking are the after-effects)

– Needs proper sealing

So, we think MDF are to be avoided if the construction is near the water sources or the cooking area. Also we suggest that you use a experienced person to construct the modular kitchen out of MDF boards.

Hope you found this little piece of information handy.

 We will cover more on  the hot topic of “Modular Kitchen” in the coming posts.

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One Response to “MDF boards – User query”

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