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Inside Outside – Chennai Trade show coverage (part 4)

Posted by Vivek on August 26, 2007

IO 9

 Pic 9: One of the traditional spaces in Indian homes – Puja Room

There was no dearth of creative elements on the exhibition floor. For instance the picture above shows that there is an active interest in people to set up traditional “puja rooms” in their homes. So this guy is trying to sell huge pictures of deities in various sizes, finishes and what not. I would say for the spiritual minded people this stall would have been a sure stop and there was hardly any competition for him !

IO 10

 Pic 10: A luxury bath cubicle

Well, we remember mentioning the bath cubicle in one of our first articles as an accessory which can save you trouble of having wet floors in your bathroom. This can avoid accidents to a great deal and further more, enhance the life of your precious tiles on the floor.

The one shown above is actually some kind of a Jacuzzi which has pressurized outlets. This promises a refreshing and stimulating bath experience. We will not go into specifics here at the moment.

IO 11

 Pic 11: Clipsal home automation (electric home automation)

This really caught our attention. At first we did not venture into the clipsal booth, but I think it was wise to do so at the end. They have a state of the art control system for homes. Really impressive. If you have some money to splurge, you can invest on the product shown above, which is a color LCD screen central control console. From here you can virtually control all electric appliances of your home including the curtains, lights, dimmer and what not.

The best part, is that it can be hooked to a PC with Ethernet and if the PC is on-line, you can virtually control the whole home setup from even your office!!

The whole thing is customizable for individual homes and also you can upgrade the features if you wish to do so…..

 Interesting, is it not?

IO 12

 Pic 12: The paint guys

It was indeed a complete solution for home owners (well almost). Here you can see Asian paints stall where I think users are even encouraged to try out some painting by themselves. We also saw some other paint companies out there like Shalimar or something like that.

 IO 13

 Pic 13: Fenesta windows – A really interesting proposition

These guys claim to be window experts offering what was only seen outside India a few years ago. We really liked their USP of reducing noise levels by up-to 30db, standard warranty of something like 10 years and so on.

I think windows and door fittings with glass needs great planning and if you have some time, you should have a look at their product ranges. They also do renovation, so you can upgrade from your current archaic windows to their products.

Another USP is that since there is a good seal, AC bills are reduced. But there is no way to quantify this.

IO 14

 Pic 14: For electric bill conscious people

There were some stalls offering solar heater products which are typically installed on roof top. We are not sure if apartment owners can do that, but individual home owners can most certainly opt for one. In Chennai at-least there is no short supply of sunshine 😉

What caught our attention here is the huge bill board. Good advertising perhaps.

2 Responses to “Inside Outside – Chennai Trade show coverage (part 4)”

  1. williamspk said

    Clipsal, Fenesta & solar water heater were real eye openers for me.

    Think the cost of clipsal system per room is around a lakh or so. If you don’t want the touchscreen control system, it comes for about half that amount. You would still have the remote control to adjust the lightings, curtains etc.

    Solar water heater walas mentioned a breakeven of your investment in about 2 years time, assuming you use 100 litres of water per day. Considering they are offering a guarantee of 10 years, it’s worth a thought. Its a desi company from Coimbatore which makes it all the more impressive. Salesguy was true to his profession and mentioned a rollcall of celebrities who have installed it in their homes.

  2. Good information. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

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