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Inside Outside – Chennai Trade show coverage (final part)

Posted by Vivek on August 26, 2007

Coming on to summarize the proceedings of the exhibition now. But before we go into that, we have already received some interesting comments on this fair….

  • Smaller than last year
  • Spacious
  • wide variety

 The exhibition by itself was pretty well organized. The show was split into two halls. The first focused on company related stalls who had products which would fit into your home making it more comfortable.

The second hall was full of banks, waiting to offer you their loans for home purchases. There were some strange stalls for fengshui too. But the biggest surprise (negative) was the presence of companies promoting share trading accounts and even car loans.

In my opinion, it looks like the organizers ran out of takers for the space and ended up subletting the space to who ever had the purchasing power.

Some of the common items which you would see in the first hall were

  • Tiles – lots of them
  • Sanitary fittings for your bathroom
  • Kitchen appliance like chimneys, sinks
  • Modular kitchen makers
  • Electric fitment companies like anchor and Clipsal
  • Ready made doors
  • Window solutions
  • Water heaters
  • Purifiers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Paint
  • Security systems like camera phones for your home
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Air conditioners
  • Light appliances
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Water pumps
  • Swimming pool solutions !

 If you think it would be interesting to check these out, please refer to our earlier post on city specific dates https://htoh.wordpress.com/2007/08/25/inside-outside-chennai-trade-show-coverage-part-1/

This almost concludes the write-up on the show. Future posts would be article specific.

Readers are invited to cover similar shows and post it on the blog.

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4 Responses to “Inside Outside – Chennai Trade show coverage (final part)”

  1. Sudarsan said

    Clipsal LED central power control panel: I am wondering what convenience a central power-control panel brings, and what use it has with the remote connectivity it offers. I am not critical, just trying to understand and appreciate this technology.

    Personally I have found some concepts very helpful for an intelligent home planning,
    1. Laptops in place of desktops, WiFi gadgets + Broadband wireless router (compact, portable, networked).
    2. Piped Gas than cylinders – This way, cylinders can be parked outside houses, and not invite damage to floors or provide access to stranges inside the homes.
    3. Piped Vacuum than carrying vacuum cleaners – Centralized vacuum cleaner and having a duct across the house will work nice. This way rolling a heavy vacuum machine and tripping over long wires can be avoided.
    4. Western toilets with built in washing system – Anybody who has visited Japan, would have experienced this. Western toilets are extremely convenient for usage, especially old. However for people with constipation, eastern toilets works easier. To avoid this as well as making cleaning convenient for invalids, wester toilets with built in washing system is fantastic.
    5. Solar Water heating systems – For Chennai it should work to provide hot water even on partially cloudy days. A good brand is a must.
    6. Wood or UPVC windows – I looked at Fenesta and have no hesitation in recommending this over wooden windows. Doubled pane glass with vacuum, excellent finishes available on UPVC. Though Fenesta windows, compares well to the cost of good quality teak windows with glass panes, the quality of workmanship on Fenesta and features makes this a better choice. Besides timely completion of project can be accomplished.
    7. Low-cost housing – Today sand, brick, steel, labour, cement, wood are all expensive and going North and have frequent disruptions. Making reinforced mud-blocks at the site(Mud/clay+Cement+Quarry dust), for ground floor walls, hollow-blocks for first-floor walls will reduce costs significantly (anyway you need to consult reinforced mud-block experts/builders). Steel frame for doors, with wooden packing in the section, will save costs on door frames.
    Motor-room or Submersible pumps – Submersible pumps are Rs.2000 higher than normal mono-bloc pumps. However motors are normally set with a foundation in a motor-room, with grill gates etc. Compared to these costs, paying Rs.2000 more for a submersible motor makes life easier.
    Multiple water lines or single water line with pressure pump – Its more elegant to have a wider dia pipe for water lines with a pressure pump than running several lower dia pipes.

  2. Vivek said

    fabulous comment Sudarshan. You should consider writing here more often….

    I request you to break your comment into themes and post them as articles on the blog for better visibility.

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